Christine Till ~ As featured in Womanition Magazine

Ever been FIRED and found yourself asking...

"Was this my fault?"

"What's wrong with me?"

"What could I have done differently?"

I was in the prime of my life...50 plus with training & life experience, when my boss invited me to step into “The Boardroom”.

If you've ever felt that same sense of panic, this book is for you.

Hi, I'm Christine Till, the Marketing Mentress, and I've been there too.

JANUARY 4, 2011

Walking into my office, I wondered why everyone was reserved. It was like they were in on something that I didn’t know about.

...Then my boss invited me to step into “The Boardroom”.

I was informed that I was the hardest working person that my boss had ever known, and he kept me on because of my work ethic...

But there was a "bottom line."


As I let myself pine for a while and the tears were fresh, I re-determined and said out loud...

"I will NEVER give up!! Whatever I have to do; whatever it takes, I will ALWAYS STAY STRONG!!

Now, I help people in similar situations stay strong, market their skills, and discover what they were meant to do.


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